What Did the Ducks Ever Do To Him?

Reward Grows for Duck Killer, there's a San Jose Mercury News hosted video (Real) and images of what some presumably teen or early 20 something asshole did to some ducks with his car and then with his bare hands. It isn't pretty, gentle or nice and now he's got a growing pricetag on his head. $10,000 as of last evening. It'll keep getting bigger and one of his pals who's as appalled as everyone else will drop a dime on his sorry ass.

The story is reminiscent of Andrew Burnett throwing a woman's bichon frise into traffic and killing it during a road rage incident a couple of years ago which sparked donations totalling more than $120,000 to find the dog's killer. But this duck killing is far more calculated and angry and wrong. This wasn't a spur of the moment event, this was a planned duck massacre and people are rightly furious.

He will be caught soon, given up by a pal lured by greed and disgust over his actions, just like the rest of the rational universe.

And then an angry mob will likely tear him limb from limb and feed him to the surviving ducks which is fine by me.
[Update: The reward is now up to $14,000. The heat is getting hotter and hotter on this mistake of a human being.]
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