Well That Sucked

What a crap way to start the commute this morning. I rode down to the bottom of my hill and was just about to pull out on to the road when my motorcycle stalled, kicked forward and then rolled over on its side, tossing me into the street and breaking off part of my front brake lever.

So yeah, that pretty much sucked ass. And then, when I picked the bike and tried to restart it, I learned that my clock is also an engine reporting unit as it told me the bike was flooded.

A few minutes later, I rode the bike back up the hill, parked it in the garage, checked it over for more damage, stripped out of my riding gear and drove in. Which was fine as there's a slight misting in the air that makes the roads dangerous without being really wet.

Damage is restricted to my right brake lever and cover. I've got a replacement brake lever from the SV but that cover's gonna have to be replaced. Joy!

But I'm fine, just pissed off about it, is all.
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