"Survivor: Guatemala" Cast Revealed

I freely admit that I'm a big fan of Survivor and its with genuine excitement that I read the news of the "Survivor: Guatemala" Cast Revealed

Here's a quick rundown of who will try to outwit, outlast and outplay:
* Brandon Bellinger, 22, farmer/rancher from Manhattan, Kansas
* Danni Boatwright, 30, a sports radio talk show host from Tonganoxie, Kansas
* Margaret Bobonich, 43, a family nurse practitioner from Chardon, Ohio
* Brian Corridan, 22, an Ivy League student from New York City
* Cindy Hall, 31, a zookeeper from Naples, Florida
* Gary Hogeboom, 36, an ex-NFL quarterback and real estate developer from Grand Haven, Michigan
* Rafe Judkins, 22, another Ivy Leaguer from Providence, Rhode Island
* Jim Lynch, 63, a retired fire captain from Northglenn, Colorado
* Morgan McDevitt, 21, a magicians assistant and waitress from Decatur, Illinois
* Lydia Morales, 42, a fishmonger from Lakewood, Washington
* Jamie Newton, 24, a water ski instructor from Hollywood, California
* Amy OHara, 39, a police sergeant from Revere, Massachusetts
* Judd Sergeant, 34, a hotel doorman from Ridgefield, N.J.
* Brooke Struck, 26, a law student from Santa Monica, California
* Blake Towsley, 24, a commercial real estate broker and model from Dallas, Texas
* Brianna Varela, 21, a makeup artist and retail salesperson.

Without knowing a thing about them aside from these short bios, who's gonna be the backstabber? Who's going to be the sleeper? Who's going to be the first show fodder?

Let's see, it'll depend on what kind of 63 Jim Lynch is, if he's got the body left to compete. And the next oldest is 20 years younger at 43. And I'm having a hard time making anything out by their names and ages and locations. But I think Blake might be a troublemaker. No reason. Just a hunch. Maybe Amy, the police sergeant will be a little too much too. We'll see. I'm looking forward to another season.

And I remain convinced that Jeff Probst, the host of the show, has the best job in television.
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