Skin Molting Season

Spring's sprung and the summer slumber's upon us. How do I know this, aside from the beautiful days and beautiful people out on the beach? Well, the skin on my fingers and hands is molting. Every year, about this time, I'll get a dry patch or two or three that slowly grow until pretty much all the skin on my hands comes off in tiny spots.

I'd always just figured it was from all the chemicals I used to handle as a bartender but it appears to be a permanent condition because I stopped pouring drinks professionally about five years ago. But my hands look mildly leperous today and no, moisterizers don't help at all.

Oh yes, today's theme music is brought to you by George Thorogood and the Destroyers. Close your door, lock it in, turn it up and rock out! Gearjammer, You Talk Too Much, One Bourbon One Beer and One Scotch and, of course, Bad to the Bone.

And I must say that I love Noah's Bagels' Turkey Sausage Egg mit Cheese on a dark toasted Everything bagel! What a fine breakfast, especially combined with some deep, dark Kona with funky creamer in it (current flavor is Creme Brulee and it is excellent).

[I should note that this one the first of two large strips that come off my left foot, nearly the whole top of my foot in two big chunks. It was both very cool and kind of gross at the same time.]
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