Liberals Are So Intolerant!

Mark Morford has a reply to the charge that liberals are intolerant. To which I would merely add, right on!

Its okay to be intolerant of somethings, like corporate cronyism, illegal oil wars, falsifying intelligence, the outing of CIA agents and subsequent non-dismissal of the perpetrators of that outing (we have not forgotten about your treason, Karl Rove) and the rolling back of our environmental protection laws so that corporations can strip our land for profit, destroying centuries old forests so they can boost their bottom line.

Yes, its okay to be intolerant of alot of things. To not be intolerant of the rampant douchebaggery in Washington and across this country would be to have given up and given in. And I love my country far too much to give it away to religious freaks with step-back-in-time agendas.
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