The Joy of My Boy

This is how I get to spend my days, playing with this wonderful, beautiful and really funny little boy. His sleep was off this weekend due to an unscheduled late evening pick up but he soldiered on. This weekend's new techniques to age his parents a year in a moment? Balancing on top of, well, everything. From his rolly cart to the rocking chair to the big pack of diapers to his rocking giraffe, this kid is all about working on his balancing technique.

The most amazing one of the bunch was in the rocking chair. He'd climbed up into it on his own (also fairly new on his skills list) and stood up, not quite realizing that the chair didn't stay still. As he balanced some the chair rocked and, for an instant, his eyes got really, really big before he threw himself forward into the chair. I think, for an instant, he got just a little scared. But he was also just thrilled with himself for doing it too.

One of the other funny things from the weekend, aside from me finally taking a hand with pocket kings, was watching Graydon's reaction to the two neighbor kids riding their bikes around for him. He could not stop laughing. He was laughing so hard he had to double over! He would chase after them, stop, laugh, laugh harder and then chase after them some more. It was really incredibly sweet and funny.

The downside to the weekend was that iPhoto crapped out after loading up about 50 pictures from my camera. The photos are still on the computer but, for some reason, iPhoto can't recognize them as pictures. I was still able to send some up to Flickr, including the one above but its bothersome that some of my shots won't be easily available to me. I might just load them up, download them as fresh new jpgs and then import them, that'll teach iPhoto!
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