Its Not a Bug, Its a Security Feature

After several weeks of off and on trying to track down this stupid little non-sending email problem with my work computer , I finally figured it out today. Finally after much hair pulling, after much under-the-breath cursing, after much fist shaking threatening actions and after much cross checking of working systems' settings.

Finally, after all of that, it was a fargin' default checked box blocking my access to port 25 so as to prevent me from sending any email out through, Calypso, my bulk mail program (part of my job requires me to email lists of editors with press releases and other information). One little checkbox defaulted, just one little thing and about fifteen Google searches, much reading and finally it came down to one suggestion to dig into the McAfee's firewall settings.

And, lo and behold, there it was. The blocked port and two seconds later, a click and a window closing and I'm back in business. What a complete fucking waste of time that was.

I hope you Windows-heads don't jump down my throat but I cannot fucking stand Windows XP or 2000 or any of the goddamned stupid ass Windows bullshit. It all blows. Sorry, anyone who likes it is a masochist. There's not a thing about XP that's intuitive, there's no means of figuring out what the hell's wrong with it without using the web as a resource. And its just stupidly put together. Things aren't where they should be, there could be redirects, there could be a thousand better ways to resolving stupid little issues like this one. But there aren't because Microsoft is too busy sucking its own dick and sending the bill to itself so it can write off the blowjob on its taxes.

Microsoft produces garbage software, they produce garbage operating systems and yet, the world's standardized on this garbage? Are people incredibly stupid or was there one of those three card monty switches right before people decided to take the other card? The only MS program I don't utterly despise is Excel because it allows me to make my pretty little charts and graphs so easily and so flexibly. I'm sure there's better more powerful programs out there to use but Excel works for me for now. Word, on the other hand, is like old Elvis, fat, bloated, stupid and overpriced. Today looks to be the only day in recent memory where Word won't crash on me as I shut down my machine (since I'd already shut it down during the witchunt).

The only good thing about having to use this shit operating system and software at work is that I'm so much happier when I get home and fire up my OS X. It makes Windows look like the pile of steaming yak butter that it really is.
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