IP Product Review: A4Tech No Battery Wireless Optical Mouse

I got one of these through a catalog because it sounded cool and didn't cost an arm and a leg. And I was feeling mildly indulgent so I mildly indulged. I got a Battery Free Wireless Optical Mouse from CyberGuys to replace my Bluetooth mouse that was cool and all but went to sleep alot and used batteries alot when it didn't.

The no battery appealed to me for two main reasons, the obvious lack of need to constantly replace batteries and the lack of the weight of those batteries. When it arrived, I was pleasantly surprised to see it was from A4, a company I'd gotten mice from in the past and they'd always been good for me.

Anyway, set up was basic, plug in the USB to a powered spot and you're good to go. Its got a red power light to let you know its on, a flashing green run light when you move the mouse and a tune light that I don't see do much, which I guess is good.

The sole drawback to the design is the need to use the included mousepad which supplies the power. Which is more or less of a big deal depending on how married you are to your special mousepad or not. I'm not so I don't mind using the powerpad. I wouldn't mind if it were slightly bigger but its perfectly usable as it is. And the buttons have a good positive click to them as well as the rubberized scroll wheel amidship.

The mouse fits my hand well and so far I have no complaints about it. The bluetooth mouse will go into my travel bag as this new mouse has knocked it off the desk.

If you like cool and cutting edge stuff, this will appeal to you. It works great, looks cool and never needs batteries, how can that be bad? If I didn't have one, I'd buy one.

Link to Epinions review.
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