What do you do when you can't broach a subject, when you can't even open a line of communication to discuss things that are grating on your nerves? When every attempt to try and open a dialogue is met with hunched shoulders and defensive retorting? It makes it both incredibly frustrating and incredibly irritating.

Or, let me put it this way. If you gave someone something of reasonable value that you'd had for a little while and was in good usable shape, and they broke it within the first couple of weeks. Wouldn't you be justifiably irritated? Wouldn't you like to know that the other person feels badly about it? Wouldn't you like to know that they plan on making changes in how they take care of things instead of being so careless? Would you be looking forward to getting them some new bauble?

I don't think I'm crazy in thinking that if someone accepts a hand me down or something brand new and they mistreat it, lose or break it, I don't necessarily think that person should be expecting to get more stuff to mistreat, lose or break.

And then to not even be open to hearing some criticism of their behaviour? And then to ask what they get next? I'd have to say its kind of galling. And it is.
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