I'm Going Back to Canon, Canon

Nobody else remembers the song by LL Cool J? Damn. Oh well, it was cool once.

Done deal. I went to a wedding on Saturday and saw an SD500 in action, then I went and played around with one (strictly consensual) and finagled a nice deal on a camera, 1 gig SD card and a 2 year dumbass warranty (even if I'm a dumbass, I get a new camera). The catch? I don't get it until Wednesday.

In the meantime, I'll start putting the auction together for the P-200 and all its fun additional stuff. It did get kitted out pretty well in the short time I've had it. With the dock including its remote control, macro lens, bolt-on lens adapter, telephoto lens and wideangle lens. And the mini tripod too. But I'm keeping that. I don't need to rush though as the P-200 is going in for repairs anyway.

With any magnification, it has a very noticable blur spot dead center in the image. Kind of distracting, no?

Wahoo, I can't wait to get my new camera! And its only the tip of the iceberg this week! Hehehe. And we're going to go camping next weekend, it'll be Graydon's first camping trip so that'll be a great time too.