Ignore the Crazy Protester Grieving Mother Some More, Mr. Bush

Its working gangbusters for the Democrats while you look like an unbelievable tool.

Ignore her until the end of the month, George, watch your approval rating continue to slide into Nixon territory. I heard on the news last night that a mere 36% of the country approves of your performance as president. That means two of every three people in this country disapproves of your performance as president. You'd be voted off the island if we voted right now and yet, you still strut and preen like a prize rooster who has a mandate. But you HAD a mandate, now you've got a growing populance that's tired of your smirks, chirps, lies and cowardice.

And ignore the mounting death toll, ignore the more synchronized attacks, get visibly angry that those durned Iraqi's won't just bully the Sunni's into signing a Constitution to hit your deadline for their ratification of their articles of law and rules for co-existence. Yeah, you look like the resolute leader. Oh yeah.

I think its pretty funny in a sideways sort of manner that Lance Armstrong gets hit with a doping allegation the day after he goes for a publicity pedal with the president, who's just a great bit ol' dumbass dope himself. I don't think Armstrong doped to win the Tour de France but I certainly appreciate the timing of the news.
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