Hackers, Baseball News and Thoughts

So, a couple of things happened over the weekend that needed to be noted.

One, Intellectual Poison was hacked by a bored Russian hacker on Saturday or Sunday. No real damage sustained but it was a wakeup call to more regularly scheduled password updating. While I normally appreciate attention, I don't really like it when it screws up my works and adds tasks to my day. This has been a pain in the ass to get working again. Thanks to Jay for bringing it to my attention!

Two, it was with great excitement that Eric Byrnes, the ex-Oakland A who'd been traded to Colorado, has been traded again to the Orioles who are looking for some spark. He will provide energy, hustle and never say die-ism to the guys. And they need it even more now than ever. Because......

Third, Rafael Palmeiro (shown here along Mark "I Will Not Answer That Question" McGwire and Curt "Ban 'em All" Schilling at the Senate hearings earlier this year) has been suspended for violating MLB's steroid usage policy. He's still denying ever taking steroids but its kind of hard to say you didn't when they have at least one and likely two positive results for him. I'm disappointed in yet another guy falling to the steroids ax. And yes, I'm disappointed that he's now a tainted player and his records mean alot, lot less than they would have without this charge against him. It may be enough to keep him from the Hall of Fame.

Fourth, Sammy "Say It Ain't" Sosa. Dude, if there's any more object display of the lack of power and size after de-juicing, it is Sammy Sosa. Here's a 'roided up image to compare to the slender guy flailing and failing at the plate these days. And don't forget, he's also a guilty bat-corker as well. My guess is that he's just the tip of the drop off on the power curve, but Bret Boone's sitting right next to him with no power and a pretty astonishing reduction in size as is Marquis Grissom. Alot of guys have slimmed down considerably from last year to this year. That steroids were so rampant and we're now seeing what these guys are like without the juice is illuminating to say the least.

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