Even the Parking Garage Wants Me To Go

So this is the top of the stairs at the parking garage, the same overdone and stupid obstruction was at the bottom of the stairs. Stupid plastic straping and dinky chains. Dinky chains I guess because they figure everyone in the building that might see them is a woosy candyass. Not everyone is or was. I didn't care so I walked around to the open stairs (where one of the workers had left his hammer, pencil, tape measure and a screwdriver as he hurried off work this afternoon) but one of my co-workers said she wasn't going to go walking around so she tore through the tape, wiggled through the chains and then did the same thing at the top.

As happens, my work and my general contentedness with my working environment is on a roller coaster. Right now, its bottoming out again and that makes me get interested in pursuing other avenues of income.

With the heavy turnover we've had in the last year and alot of other factors that I can't discuss (because the ears have walls and I may have already said too much), its time again to look to spreading my wings and making a change.

And that's what I'm planning on doing this weekend. Getting things ordered so that I can start to really actively look to make a good change in what I do and who I do it for.
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