Don't Hate Her 'Cause She's Hot, Hate Her 'Cause She's a Better Driver Than You

Let's face it, professional motorsports pretty well suck. Watching a bunch of people go in a big circle around a track for 500 miles isn't my idea of fun. But this year was different, this year there was a new face and a new gender to deal with. Danica Patrick not only raced in the Indy 500, she led it for a little while and ended up in 4th. Impressive.

But the Focus on IRL's Patrick Rankles Some of the other drivers, so much so that 4 of the big babies boycotted an autograph session because she's getting alot of press right now.

Boo hoo. Don't hate her because she's way better looking than you, don't hate her because she's a better driver than you, embrace the attention she's drawing to the sport.

Maybe now saying someone drives like a girl won't be seen as such a pejorative?
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