Breaking New Ground

There are some developments to report on Graydon's development progress. The biggest and coolest was the other night when we were in the kitchen and he decided quite clearly that he was thirsty. So he walked to the counter, pointed at his sippy cup, stamped his foot (which was just adorable) and said "Ba-ba" and then pointed again. He then started nodding his head up and down like he was agreeing with himself that he wanted the Ba-Ba.

That was pretty cool and is the first time, to our knowledge, that he's asked for something specifically.

His other new tricks are designed to add gray hairs to his parent's head. He's taken to standing up without hands on his cart that his grandma got for him. And he's already tumbled off of it once or twice. Last night he was standing on it, very proudly, and decided he was going to do a little dance. Well, the dance threw off his balance and he fell down. He landed on his butt and rolled to his back and never hit his head at all on the ground but he was shaken up for a moment as he assessed what had happened and whether he was supposed to start crying or not.

His last new "trick" might not really qualify but he's been waking up at around midnight or so lately. And he starts crying pretty loudly. One of us goes and gets him, brings him into our bed and he's out again for a few hours. Though, this morning he head butted twice in the same place on my cheek, which kind of sucked especially since I was trying to sleep.

He's got all kinds of other funny little things that he does that endear me to him ever more. I love his charge hugs where he toddles from across the room, arms outstretched, to collide with me and wrap his little arms around me as I do the same for him. I love watching him light up when he is able to do something he's been trying to do, like putting his smiley ball in a cup or when he rolls a ball right back to me. He's a bundle of joy, that boy.
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