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So, last night was poker night with my crew of pals. A night where I had good luck but not enough good luck to win many hands. Case in point, I was dealt pocket kings not once, not twice but three times last night.

One time, I'd dealt and ended up with the pocket kings. And then I flopped three jacks, bam. Just like that I was sitting quite pretty with a full boat, jacks over kings and I was pretty sure I was gonna score a nice juicy pot. But no, you see, I'd also dealt a pair of pocket aces to a pal of mine to my immediate left. So she was sitting quite prettily with Aces full of Jacks.

I thought someone might be sitting on the fourth jack but it never did appear and I ended up losing to those damned pocket aces. But I had my redemption a little later on in the evening so I'm not complaining too much today.
[Update: Played again on Saturday, got pocket kings THREE more times, lost twice and, on the final time, those pocket kings secured me the win and a nice juicy pot that saw a corner being turned and the chips rolling back to me rather than away. Which was, to say, pretty sweet!]
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