Auto Launched Video and Music = Teh Suck

There's a growing trend among news outlets online to auto launch video streams when you go to their home pages and it needs to be stopped before it becomes more widespread than it already is. Auto launched music and videos are presume a style of browsing that just isn't inline with typical surfing, i.e. one window open at a time. The new paradigm, for those people who have rejected MS's piss poor excuse for a browser in IE, is tabbed browsing.

Webmasters, webdesigners and people with a say in this, Stop auto launching your multimedia! Nothing makes me get away from your site faster (well, except for a forced flash splash page without a means to circumvent it) than launching a video or music or crap without an easy means to turn it off. Wake up and realize that not everyone's interested in seeing a streaming video of Bill O'Reilly (well, I'm not interested in seeing anything in regards to O'Reilly unless its him being led off to prison).

Theme music for this post: Electric Six - Danger! High Voltage
And here's a treat, blogfans! Check out The Hype Machine - Today's Blog Music and find yourself a veritable cornucopia of downloadable mp3's from the blogging world. Updated constantly and with lots of music from all genres, its an amazing resource. I'm currently listening to The Flaming Lips' cover of the White Stripes' "Seven Nation Army". Too cool! And LargeHeartedBoy's got an A-Z list of music sites online to download music. Its a great spot to launch from (but not auto-launch from!).
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