Asshat Texan Runs Over Sheehan's Crosses

I saw this earlier today too, Crosses vandalized at antiwar mom's Texas camp site.

What kind of a true shitheel do you have to be to drive over the symbolic markings of dead soldiers? Man, oh man, oh man. Some days I just can't believe that people can be so ugly to each other. Cindy Sheehan's not breaking any laws, she's trying to be as considerate as possible in seeking answers about the death of her son and some asshole drives over her crosses? That's cold, bold, sick and wrong.

Just like Bush's neighbor who is frustrated by the protest so he shoots his shotgun in the air. Now, let's forget for a second that I think George W. Bush is a war criminal and an embarrassment to his family, the nation, the presidency and the human race. But he's still the president and we have one of his neighbors discharging a dangerous weapon on his vicinity? Larry Mattlage, the shotgunner, says he wasn't threatening anyone, adding, "This is Texas." Which, of course, makes total sense. In Texas, you can shoot your gun at any time, its just like honking your horn or flipping the bird, just with a little extra Texas-sized force behind it. Um yeah. Remind me to detour around the Loon Star State next time I'm headed across country, alright?
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