Why Sales Guys Aren't In PR

So the office asshat came into my office yesterday afternoon with a "brilliant" idea of dropping up to five press releases to the wires on one day. He didn't want to grasp the concept of metering publicity or the basic fact that I couldn't support five press releases in a single day.

I tried an analogy, using pebbles being tossed into a pond and using the ripples as the metric of impact and coverage. It went right over his head and he focused on what he assumed was the problem, that supporting that many releases was beyond my abilities. And it is, its beyond most people's abilities to write, publish and support five press releases all dropping on a single day.

And its a waste of press releases. A much better way to purchase mindshare is to meter the releases, say to two a week at most. That way the releases do not get dismissed as noise quite so easily. We also maintain a forward position in the recepient's minds as we hit them twice in one week and then twice again the next week with good news from our survey data.

I don't think its because he had an interest in dropping five releases on the same day. He's starting to feel the heat on his own back after firing his two scab (sorry guys, you were used by him) salespeople. But he can't touch the last guy, nope. Not after singing his praises for his perfomance this last quarter. Fire him and then you're the only one left, buppy. And you will scorch rather quickly without someone to foist your ineptitudes upon.

He wanted to drum up some business, he wanted PR to provide the kick in the pants that sales needs right now to get the new fiscal year started on the right foot (that is, the one in the black and not in the red where he's been every month and every quarter since joining the company). I think he also wanted to try and see me squirm some by questioning my abilities and skills. Not that he was successful because I have pretty well gotten to a point where I just don't give a damn about him and his shitty attitude.

Though I freely admit to being pretty irritated that he chooses to stare right at me during our meetings when he's spreading his lies about why he fired the two sales people. He knows I know the real reason and I think it bothers him.

He has bumped up our bottom line over the last year or so and that's been good. But he came in at about half of what he promised. Which is consistent with his day to day performance. He over-promises and then under-delivers with excuses and I am consistently amazed that he hasn't been shown the door yet. But we'll see with the latest failures, latest firings (I think he's burned through 6 sales people in about 8 months) and general contempt for him in the office.

But my resume is being rewritten and I'm going to be seeding some potential new opportunities. It feels like it is time again but there's that niggling voice that makes me want to stay long enough to see him get tossed. But then, why would I want to leave once he's gone?