Why Do I Care About ANYTHING Pauly Shore Does?

There are all kinds of banner ads on the internets today advertising an exclusive Podcast (there's a redundant phrase if I've ever heard one) of Pauly Shore! Woooot! I mean, come on, the guy was comedy gold only ten to fifteen years ago. Okay, well, he was good for a chuckle ten or fifteen years ago. Okay, he was only marginally funnier than a turned off tv set. Okay, he was marginally less funny than a turned off tv set.

Okay, nope, I really couldn't be bothered to give a damn about an exclusive Podcast of Pauly Shore. Now, an exclusive Podcast of someone who's actually done something of value or is an interesting person, that might be worth tuning in for, or downloading or whatever the cool kids call it.

Truthfully, I'm not a fan of Podcasts. It seems like another way to clutter things up with more useless crap. Only you can take your useless crap with you instead of having to read it at a computer. So maybe that's the nice part. I don't know. All I know is that the few podcasts I've downloaded and listened to made me think of mental masturbation more than anything else. That the podcasters were getting off on having other people listen to them. I'm sure there are some really incredibly podcasts out there that I'm missing out on. But there's still plenty of other stuff to do see, read, react and enjoy on the internets without podcasts adding to the clutter of it all.

That said, I wouldn't mind the ability to audio post to IP every once in a while.

And, oh yeah, Pauly Shore is like a lobotomized Carrot Top. No less annoying but a hell of a lot dumber and just as ugly.
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