The Weekend Wrap, now with Aloe and Lidocaine!

Rookie Mistake
So I learned a few things this weekend while enjoying my first Flickr Meetup in Aptos hosted by the magnificent lizhurley. The first is that sunscreen is important to apply to the tops of your feet. The second is that the sunscreen should not be expired or its basically like putting on sun magnifier. The third was that socks and sunburns are a really bad combination. But I'm getting better and really the only bad part is peeling the socks off at the end up the day.

Anyway, other good stuff I learned about at the Meetup, one is the flickr card generator that lets you give people a means of finding the pictures you've just taken of them. A very cool way of spreading the word about Flickr while also bringing some new eyes to your work. I also learned about some cool groups at Flickr that I hadn't been aware of. It was also a really fun way to get to meet some new people who also happened to be really good people as well. Very supportive, interesting and engaged in their world's. But, the downside is that I now have camera envy. Everyone else was carrying big iron, Canon Rebels, Nikon's, Lumix. I was the only one of the bunch with a pocket digicam.

But I'm actually in the process of replacing my little Sony p-200. I'm not going to an SLR though, I'm actually planning on going back to the Canon line. This time shooting for the SD500 because I miss the Canon form, miss Canon's really smooth and easy to use zoom and the controls. Not that I dislike my Sony, its just not quite what I want though I have been able to capture some excellent shots with it. So now I've gotta get Sony to fix it (tiny, tiny scratch or crack in the lens puts a big ol' blur spot in the middle of zoomed pics).

One downside to the nearly all day Meetup was that I didn't get a chance to go and visit with leblanc while she was down over the weekend. But that happens from time to time and I have no doubt that we'll get together again soon. I would have loved to have gone to the roller rink but my feets would have been most unhappy!

And now its back to the grind to get the workweek going. Lots of excitement happening and I have no doubt that there will be some interesting news this week. Notably, why did Alberto Gonzales give the White House a 12 hour window between knowing about the opening of a criminal investigation into the outing of Valerie Plame by Karl Rove and informing the White House of it formally? It couldn't have been so they could destroy evidence, could it? Nah, that would be awfully cynical of me.
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