TwoThree Quick Sports Things

Okay, its well after the end of the workweek now so I can post again. No, the press release didn't get written but we found the hook and that's the hard part so it'll just about write itself on Monday.

Nope, this post is to celebrate two nice baseball events. The first happened last night in the Giants quality win over the sparkle and fade LA Dodgers. The Giants franchise became the first in Major League history to record 10,000 wins. That's impressive and I'm glad they beat the Yankees.

Which brings me to the second shout out. And its to the Boston Red Sox who bounced back from a come from ahead loss yesterday to the Yankees to beat the holy tar out of them again today. They recorded their second 17-1 drubbing of the Yankees this season! And any day that ends with a thorough ass-whooping of the most overpaid team in sports history can't be all bad.

And the last one is for Rafael Palmiero who should hit his 3,000 hit either tonight or tomorrow. Actually, he just did it right now so hot damn!

And, the real last one, how about that A's pitching? Harden throws a perfect game into the 8th last night. That's pretty cool all on its own but add in Barry Zito's no hitter into the sixth right now and the A's staff have seriously come alive along with their bats.
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