Turnin' and Burnin'

Sometimes I really need to stop and take a lesson from the other creatures in my life. They all have something valuable to teach and all I have to do is remember that and learn.

Nande is a truly free spirit. She is always good to go, always ready to sprint like the gates of heel were about to swallow her up. She plays and plays and plays until her body will not let her play anymore. And then she sleeps.

She is everyone's best friend whether they know it or not or even if she's met them or not. But don't try to come in her house unless you've been invited in and introduced. And even then, she's liable to knock you over with her enthusiastic hello.

Its important to remember these things, these other ways of existing and looking at the world. Its important to change your view from time to time if only to humble one's ego a bit. Its important to put myself behind the wheel of that stupid white truck sitting on the center line. Its important to recall how irritating it was having motorcycles buzz by me when I was powerless and st(r)uck in traffic. Its important to think about the impact of my words and actions. Its important to come clean with your co-worker if you've been lagging. Its important to stand up to bullies and assholes.

And sometimes its equally important to take a dysfunctional situation and change it into a functional one by what means are available and reasonable to apply (i.e. no running away to Argentina to become a Llama farmer). But really, what's so crazy about running away to Argentina or South Africa or Australia and setting up shop there? Why not?

Why not indeed? I've wanted to return to South Africa ever since I left, what, 12 years ago now, shit. When do you let those dreams go? Do you? Do you morph them into other ones? Instead of a game park on the South African/Zimbabwe border, how about a goat farm in Costa Rica?

I don't know but it is also good to remember that there are always options and avenues that may not exist when you get mired down in some of the muck.