Something You Don't See Everyday

How about a pool on stilts as a result of Hurricane Dennis? Note that its still full of water.

Which reminds me of a big old concrete dome house from last year's hurricane season. If I happened to live down there in Hurricania, I'd definitely be pursuing some sort of house along those lines. A place that sheds winds, is too heavy to float and would be safe in all but the end-of-times style hurricane.

And the coming hurricane season leads to another question, choosing between hurricanes in the south or earthquakes out west or, heck, winter up north? Earthquakes don't come every year and we haven't had a significant one here since I moved out here ten years ago. Some small shakers, sure, but nothing like Loma Prieta. Hurricanes come most every year, most years more than one and they are great media, really great. You can see them coming from three hundred miles away and its easy to send a reporter to go stand in the rain near it and report that its raining and really, really windy.

And winter? Winter is a relentless pain in the ass for months and months on end occasionally punctuated by moments of brightness like sledding on fresh powder, playing hockey on a pristine backwoods pond, snow angels and getting super heated in a sauna and then rolling in the snow. And driving on snow is fun if you don't have to get anywhere quickly, its even more fun if you just pull into a parking lot and play with the emergency brake alot. I just don't really like winter all that much unless its in week to week and a half doses like Thanksgiving or Christmas, but not both.

Anyway, I hope people came through Dennis alright and that the rest of the season is gentle. But at least you won't be suffering alone or won't know it's coming. Me? I'll stick with the earthquakes because we get free sun, sand, surf and smokin' hotties around town.
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