So, Treason's Okay if You're Pals with the Prez?

It is becoming increasingly clear that Karl Rove committed an act of treason against the United States in outing Valerie Plame several years ago. Bush publicly stood by him then and is standing by him now. Which is nice and all and I appreciate loyalty but this fucking douchebag is a treasonous asshat. What does that say about you when you keep company with people like him? You are a sympathizer to treasonous asshats.

"If anyone in this Administration was involved in it, they would no longer be in this Administration." (9/29/03, White House press briefing) Which is to say, since Karl Rove is obviously involved in "it", he should be fired and tried for his crimes. Will he be fired? Not just yet. The heat's gotta get hotter so that all the rats start jumping and feeling the burn before they'll cut ties and set his ass adrift in a sea of treason, lies and partisan hackery.

Rove is poisonous now and yet ol' Shrubya stands by his man like a retarded coondog. Good for you, Bushie, stand a little closer so that you go down with him. And the worst part of it all is that he outed Plame because of a greivance with her husband, what a cowardly little prick he is and now he's going to pay with his reputation and job.

And to anyone thinking of playing the Shoe-on-the-other-foot argument and switching Democrat for Republican and expecting me to back down from it, hell no. I don't care that this is a Republican being punished for his crime, I care that this is someone who intentionally tried to weaken my country and that makes him a traitor to the United States, not Republican, not Democrat, traitor.
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