Sex with Horses, A Cautionary Tale

This is a pretty NSFW post so read it with caution if you're in a place where people get upset about things like horse penis's and beastiality.
There are things that seemingly sound good in the abstract, a mountain of ice cream, all the tea in China, an honest politician. But, upon the reality of it, the fantasy is much more compelling and less painful and dangerous.

I'm not saying that this story, Man Dies After Sex with Horse, is necessarily something that sounds good in the abstract but it must have appealled to him because he paid to go to a sex farm in Washington to get buggered by a horse. I'm sure he'd fantasized about it for a long time before taking the plunge (sorry) and now he's dead. Keep it a fantasy and you're a live freak, live it out and you're a horse's dead bitch.

Now, a horse's penis is usually around two and a half feet long. And horses are rather large and very powerful animals. Human/horse sex shouldn't happen, our parts didn't evolve for it and it can result in a rather horrific way of dying. I would very much hate to be related to this man as I'm sure there is plenty of abject humiliation for anyone even remotely associated with this freak in heat but I wonder what his funeral will be like and how many years they will make jokes about him in his town? I'd say poor guy but he brought this on himself willingly. I will say, poor horse though because it didn't have much of a choice in the matter.

Also on MeFi this week, a site about how to safely approach sex with dolphins. No, I'm not making this up but I won't be linking to that garbage here. You can go and read the thread and get the link there, if you, for some bizarre reason, need to know how to safely engage in sexual relations with a dolphin. Why yes, it has been a rather strange week on the MeFi. But I did learn that beastiality is when the animal isn't given a chance to consent to sex and zoophilia is when the human is actually in love with the animal. Not that I care because, in the end, its still fucking an animal but its nice to get the terms properly.
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