Phone System Mazes

You know the hoops and obstacles you have to deal with everytime you call a credit card company and have to grind through their phone system labyrinth? Like having to punch in your card number and personal information before being able to speak to someone and then having to give that person the same information you just punched in?

And then, if they transfer you to somewhere else, you have to give all of that information again?

Yeah, that could pretty easily be fixed by integrating the systems a lot better and it would be a helluva lot less of a pain in the ass to your customers, you know, the ones who pay your salaries? The ones who keep your tired old asses in business? Yeah, us.

Also, Discover Card signed me up for some bullshit called The Register three years ago, charged me $45 for it and never notified me of it. And then they just sent a "courtesy notice" that it was going to renew in September. Damn I'm sick and tired of credit card scams like this. And then the operator tries to scare you into keeping their bullshit value add extra revenue stream. Sorry but you can go fuck yourselves.
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