More Entries for the IP Fictionary

These have been piling up for a month or two now and its time to unleash them into the wilds of the internets. All words are my own creations with a few exceptions as noted. Next step is to update the Fictionary with these. Favorite among the new crop would have to be "Tasticles".

Abyuss - the void of abuse, think getting sentenced (sorry, sent to) Abu Ghraib or Gitmo. Lost in an endless cycle of abuse, torture, lies and ignorance. Lost in the abyuss.

Actionavating - when you go to get some tool, get sidetracked by another project and forget all about the other one.

Annoisance - noises that are annoying, from my mother during our last family vacation.

Blundress - stripping down for the wrong person. Or someone who trips over their clothes everytime they try to take them off.

Cremationist - a dumbass who thinks the world was created through intelligent design and the use of ashes.

Errows - misplaced blame, usually shot during meetings where its harder to avoid being hit and complaining makes you look like a whiner even if it wasn't your fault.

Homowner - a gay person who happens to also own his or her home.

Mistribution - when you pass something out to the wrong people.

Nutler - a caretaker for one's testicles.

Pooed the screwch - malaprop of screwed the pooch but it still works well.

Rethuglican - the current angry member of the GOP who responds with fury when anything the GOP has done is called into question. Or the GOP wanker who invokes Godwin's Law (the longer an argument continues, the more likely a reference to Hitler will be) as a first salvo in an argument. Completely uninterested in facts or the truth, they toe the party line like its the line between good and evil.

Supperposition - seated at the dinner table and ready to eat.

Tasticles - um, tasty testes?

Teenanger - the angry person who's between the ages of 12 and 20. Usually marked by doors being slammed alot, much crying and lots of "I hate you's".

Toeture - foot torture or a pedicure.

Tributt - when a tribute actually makes you feel like an ass or the people offering tribute are assholes.

Tungle - tripping over one's words like an explorer hacking through a thick jungle.

Related but not precisely a new word, an anti-smoking ad.
Only asholes smoke butts. Or, don't be an ashole, quit smoking.

And, not a new word but an interesting rearrangement of letters (I play a kind of ridiculous amount of Text Twist which is kind of like Boggle).
Passed gas ---> gasped ass.

Things like that make me laugh. Just like swine also spells sinew and wines.
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