Me So Sorry, Now Reduce My Suspension

It should not be lost on people that Kenny Rogers, the Texas Rangers pitcher who totally lost control and assaulted two cameramen during warmups a month ago had his appeal over 20-game ban rejected.

And now, here's where I get irritated. You can't publicly state that you're sorry it happened and accept responsibility for your meltdown AND THEN appeal your suspension. Somebody should explain what "contrite" means.

Appealing your suspension means you're not sorry, you think your punishment is too much and effectively proves you are a king sized asshat. And you sir, Kenny Rogers, are a king sized asshat. One, for losing control after like thirty years in the majors. Two, for saying the right thing and then doing the exact anti-thesis of that right thing. And three, I used to not really give a damn but now I hope you get jail time for assault because you're such an unrepentant Texas-sized douchebag.
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