McClellan on Rove, Sort Of

This is a direct link to the meat of the recent "press conference" in which the press brought their brass balls and Scott Mac brought his stonewall. Its still absolutely priceless, Scotty on Rove (QT), click here for other options and the main link to the post at Crooks and Liars. By the way, I just got word from my wife that Scotty may be quitting soon so that his mom can launch her political career and so that he can start the process of rebuilding his dignity and honor, you've got a long, long road ahead there, Scott.

What do you think will end up happening here? Should Rove quit, be fired, be tried for high treason and be executed if/when he's found guilty?

I doubt he'll be charged with any crimes but I would be very surprised if he keeps his position in the Bush regime. Bush put himself between a rock and a treason charge by publicly stating "Anyone involved in the Plame affair won't be part of the Bush administration" or something to that effect.

[Update; Bush just said in a news conference that his administration would cooperate fully with the investigation and, in doing so, they would not comment until the investigation is over. Nice little piece of work, Shrub.]
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