Lil' Kim Gets a Year for Perjury

Lil' Kim Gets a Year for perjury in the 2001 case against one of her pals for a shootout with a rival rap gang (emphasis on gang) over an insult in a song. Blah, blah, blah, do you even give a shit? Do you care?

I mean, come on, its not like she's a pretty little white girl from Alabama on a graduation trip to Aruba and got too drunk and went to "party" with some locals and went missing.

Not that I really care about her anymore either. Sure I'm sorry she's gone and sorry for her family but I'm way tired of the media spotlight focused on her while George W. Bush continues to preside over the nation in the non-wake of the Downing Street Memo which pretty much shows he was committed to warring on Iraq regardless of the intel reports. And that, my friends, is treason. But its just not interesting enough, nope, not when a tittalicious rap star gets a year in prison for lying on the stand. Oh no.
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