Herr Gropinator's Other Revenue Streams

Schwarzenegger making millions as muscle mag editor and that's no conflict of interest at all, it just means that, when he's supposed to be the Governor, he is, at least some of the time, not acting as governor and is, instead acting as an editor for some steroid hyping muscle mags.

The conflict is that this meatheaded fool doesn't recognize that governing the state is a 24/7 job. Its not a 9-5, go home and tell your wife what she can and cannot wear job. Its not a go hobnob with your Republican asshat pals in Texas or where ever they send you on the campaign trail, its a do your friggin' work here type of job.

And no, it doesn't help that I think mags like Muscle & Fitness cause as much harm as help. They present an ideal that is unattainable without the use of steroids. Check out the cover of any of their magazines (with a few exceptions) and you'll see someone who's injected, ingested or otherwise taken in substances to add bulk unnaturally. People do not, naturally, have 24 inch arms, its beyond ridiculous to pretend they can or do.

Arnold's admitted to using steroids, he writes for a magazine that sensationalizes over-bulking of bodies, may still advise on the President's Council on Fitness and is, most sadly of all, the governor of my state. I don't see how he can adequately govern the state with all of those other responsibilities and time sucks.
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