Happy Raspy Voice Day

If you are like me, you probably inhaled enough cordite and firework smoke last night to last you all the rest of the year until next Fourth of July. And maybe combining the smoke with some shouting and maybe a couple of beers and the result is a voice that makes gravel horny.

Well, today, my friends, is the 5th of July, otherwise known as Raspy Voice Day. In some circles its also known as Where'd I Get Burned Day as newly sobered up celebrants arise and take stock of their firework injuries. I would be very interested to see some stats on the ratios of burns in my town where the fireworks are legal and in other towns where the fireworks are illegal and still set off.

And, thankfully, for my hound dog, today is the first day of no constant explosions all night long. I'm sure there will be stragglers but, for the most part, the major warfare has taken place.
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