Ex-CIA Agents Report Damage Caused by Plame Leak

Note that I do normally post political things to IP Politik but I feel this is important enough to post here. Instead of blame laying, this is laying out the damage caused by the outing of just one CIA agent.
Its not a good thing to out a CIA agent. For any reason because its never confined to just the one agent, the outing compromises pretty much everyone that agent has come in contact with or is associated with in anyway. It takes years of work and turns it into quarter inch by half inch bits of uselessness.

The damage is real, the damage will harm us and our friends for years to come and yet the man at the center of the investigation, the man who's already been confirmed to be a main constituent of the breach and reconfirmed. He still goes to work everyday with the highest security clearance possible, his boss has shut down the traps and no one's talking about Rove at all. Nothing. Investigation, yah, yah, yah, investigation complete.

The message this sends is? George Bush's pal is more important than national security. His friend's well being is more important than doing the right thing and at least removing him from duty until the investigation is done.

And through it all, through this partisan nasty assholish exploitation of position and power, through it all, we are weakened. Our nation is weakened. Our credibility is further undermined, the US will screw its own so why would anyone want to try and provide us with intelligence information. It's like an eye has been poked out. Because of a grievance with her husband.

Which, by the way, is an incredibly and particularly cowardly attack when you think about it. What kind of a jackass goes after a guy's wife instead of the guy? Cowardly shadow puppetmasters. Seriously, that's just lame anyway.

And now we have ex-members of the secret service testifying about the real world damage caused by this short sighted and petty deliberate security breach.

There's a lot, lot more to this, the stories are coming out rather regularly as the media starts to digest the magnitude of what this ultimately stupid action will end up costing us. It isn't a stretch to say that these lies and the outing could even result in more attacks. Maybe the recent increase in attacks overseas are the result of this?

Using Google News is a good way to stay on top of the breaking information.
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