Developing a New Perspective

One of the things that I took away from this last weekend's Flickr Meetup is that there is beauty and art and something special in everything you see. There's something special to see in everything. Be it a smashed computer monitor dropped onto the railroad tracks or a simple track of footprints across wet sand.

This is a shot taken under one of the five bridges across the San Lorenzo River in Santa Cruz. It appeals to me because of the play between light and dark, the shapes each has and the beckoning blue sky reflected in the river ahead. And the one below is a trick shot, taken from a very low angle of some not very large rocks in my old neighborhood. I like shooting illusory images when I can because they take some time to figure out and, in the act of figuring them out, the rest of the world backs off into the distance for a few moments. And we can all use a few moments of peace from time to time.

Knee High Monoliths
Photography is becoming more than a hobby for me these days and I've really been enjoying the different mindset it requires. You can't just snap and snap and snap and expect to find something worth sharing without giving some consideration to what you're trying to say, what the message is or what you don't want to show. Or what distracts the eye from the message you're trying to convey.

The bummer thing is that I'm about to send my new digicam off for repairs so I will be downgrading my camera for a few weeks (unless I get aggravated and just buy the Canon SD500 which is what I really want right now anyway although I'm a little concerned about its lack of extensive optical zooming capabilities).

And then there are my contacts on Flickr, people like Rebekka who I will never meet in person but am a huge fan of her photos. And she's one of many many who stretches my photographic horizons on a daily basis. Deborah Lattimore is another who has a magnificent eye and the ability to capture that vision as she sees it. I could pretty much run down my contact list and find a great reason for viewing their photos. Some are beautiful people and I love seeing how they capture images of themselves, some are beautiful people who use their cameras like a paintbrush to create a scene, some are just crazy dog lovers like me. I would invite you to take a look at my ever growing Favorites page to get an idea of some of what I think are the best shots I've seen on Flickr. I say it that way because the volume of images being posted is far beyond my meager ability to view them all and I know that I miss an awful lot of the cream of the crop. But that's why there are groups where people can post their themed photos to a wider audience for viewing.

To all of my Flickrite friends, thank you for your support, your inspiration and your friendship. I know I've taken but a few baby steps down this road we call photography but I have intentionally been stopping to smell the roses and appreciate thier unique beauty thanks to all of you who have been reshaping how I view the world. There is beauty everywhere, we have but to stop and see it.
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