Breakfast Time is Fun Time

Yes folks, anytime you combine an energetic little kid with food then you have a potential for good fun, a helluva mess or a nightmare. This morning was a good fun morning but Graydon's been developing this lovely habit of taking the food and rubbing it into his head behind his ears. We're not really so thrilled with that particular behaviour but what can you do?

He has such a good time eating these days and its primarily because he feeds himself. He doesn't like to be fed anymore because he's such a big boy. But he gets frustrated with his little spoon and will usually just dive in and mash the food all around.

But not this morning, this morning he was in rare form, laughing and giggling and then he started hamming it up for my camera. This shot about kills me because he's just so darned cute it almost hurts. I do love my little boy so much.
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