Blessings and Curses of the Fourth

There's something karmically funny about the fact that I live in one of the few towns in all of Northern California with a legal fireworks policy and I have a dog who is utterly freaked out by the sonic booms of the exploding mortar shells?

For the last several weeks there have been a bunch of mortar shells shot off every night. Tonight should be the culmination but there will be a slow trickle and one or two a night for the next few weeks still at least.

But Nande's had a pretty tough time with them all. The ones that are close by cause her to stand at maximum attention, all of her muscles rigid and her eyes darting around the room trying to find the source of the thump. Again and again. So, on Saturday during her rabies and distemper booster shots appointment, I got her some chill-out pills. And tonight they are helping her a fair amount. She's less seriously distressed by the popping and booming and other various explosions going on outside as it gets darker and darker.

One of the side effects of the pills is that they make her very unsteady on her feet. And yet she chooses to be as close to me as possible and will wobble after me if I need to walk into the other room for a moment. I will be alot happier when the fourth is behind us again and she can relax some.

A very quick rundown of the weekend. Graydon's birthday party on Saturday was a very nice success. Good bbq, not too many people but enough and some kids were there and Graydon got to get messy in his cake. I'll post the pic later.
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