Baby Feet in My Face

Try to get a decent night's sleep with your 1 year old baby boy using your chest, arms and face for his kickboxing workout while he's asleep. I can all but guarantee that you will get about as much sleep as I did last night.

Its not that my little boy's mean or anything, he's just a very active sleeper and seems to end up beating on me everytime he sleeps in our bed. So, at 4 this morning, I gave up and moved to the couch downstairs where I got several more hours of fitfull sleep before it was time to walk the hound.

We need a house with at least four bedrooms so that we can have a guest bedroom as well as Graydon's room so that he can sleep in his space (and not kick me in the face all night) and our guests can not have to worry about displacing him.
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