Yippy Ki Yo Cowboy

A random pic from the weekend that has seen my little boy gain more and more confidence in his ability to two foot it around the house.

He wouldn't actually sit with the hat on his head, he'd always try to pull it off quickly so I would put it on and shoot a shot or two before he pulled it off and started to chew on it again.

This was a good weekend for the house. Some nice improvements that needed to be taken care of before the birthday party next weekend. P had prepped the front yard area and then laid down fresh sod on Saturday so where once was dirt is now a dark green lush lawn! A vast, vast improvement over the dirt.

Last week we also changed both lights in the kitchen from one gargantuan four tube flourescent (which was pretty much the bottom of the style barrel) and one chandelier that was just very dated and ready for some upgrading.

Plenty plenty more left to do still but its nice to come home and see the changes taking place. But a big week ahead at work with two of the three bosses back from vacations. And by big week I mean it will almost certainly such very badly and I'd be surprised if we make it through the week without someone losing their job.
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