What Happens When You're Sick and Have No Sick Days?

So the "allergies" I was having last week weren't allergies at all but a pretty good dose of acute sinusitis which means I'm a horking, blowing, wheezing, coughing and generally pretty exhausted and short of breath beast right now. Sinusitis sounds pretty lame as a malady but it pretty well blows even if people think its a weak excuse for not getting in to work.

And I called in yesterday so I could get to the doctor and get some idea of what's going on. He listened to my chest and prescribed me some antibiotics to help fight the infection in there. I am just looking forward to being able to take a deep breath without sounding like an asthmatic dragon.

Now the fun part, I've got no more sick days this year. Between Graydon's visits to the doctors and my own health, they are gone. Now I get to use my remaining vacation days or take unpaid days. Either way, it sucks but what can you do when you're sick?

[Update: Yeah, the other great fun thing about this stupid infection is that my brain's like a warped record. It skips, jumps and seems to get caught on endless repeat. Makes trying to grind through a work day just loads and loads of fun, let me tell you.]
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