Wal-Mart's New Reality is Your Newest Crap Show to Avoid

Just great, now I've got my corporate boycotts helping me to decided what not to watch on the crap box. Wal-Mart's going to be forcing themselves into your living room by buying lots of time and sponsoring a new reality show called "The Scholar" which sounds absolutely just craptacular.

Sorry Wal-Mart, you can't just throw a bunch of money at something and expect people to overlook your long, long history of treating employees like shit, foisting your healthcare costs on the cities and towns you occupy while forcing local businesses out of business.

For those that aren't knowing, check out my Wal-Mart is Pure Evil page and learn about some of the pretty lame ass crap this Fortune 1 company has pulled in the name of the almighty bottom line dollar and their shareholders need for greed. Seems kind of crazy that they need to weasel their way back into the good graces of the nation by overt sponsorship of a reality tv show. One good act cannot overshadow the thousands of decietful actions they already logged and WalMart will continue to remain on my no-shop list.
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