Too Good To Be True Usually Is

This is an Intellectual Poison Public Service Message, as mandated by the terms of my parole.
Some folks are getting a lovely new spam with a nasty asshole filled center, the Jackson suicide spam hides a virus within a link to the "story". Here's a good idea, DON'T CLICK THE LINK. It will transport you to a site that purports to have news about a Michael Jackson suicide attempt in the wake of all the stress he's been suffering under during this latest molestation trial. The site will then tell you that it is slow because of all the hits its getting but is, instead, downloading the virus to your PC which will then be turned into another zombie in some asshole's army of computers they want to use to send out millions of messages about penis pills or Rolecks watches.

Watch your PC be infected with a variant of the Borobt-Gen trojan that effectively hands over control of your computer to the dark side that's populated with spammer scum, malware monkies and viral vixens. So DON'T CLICK THE LINK, okay?

A pox on all mal-ware creators. And on the bullies who picked on them in high school and made them so angry at the world that they are using whatever means they can to transfer their angst into spams, trojans and viruses. Lay off the geeks, jerkos, you're part of the problem here too.
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