Three Days of Clark Kent

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I'm stuck behind my primitive old plastic lensed glasses until Wednesday afternoon. On Wednesday afternoon I will have a computer aided laser reshape my eyes so that silly old corrective lenses will no longer be required. I've been wanting to get it done for as long as they've been doing it and now the timing works so its getting done.

The cool thing is that the place doing the procedure is in Santa Clara and, because its a bit of a hike from our house, they are putting us up overnight at a nearby hotel so that we can get back in for the follow up appointment easily. Which makes things much easier and gives us some extra sleeping time which new parents can always use.

So I have just a few days of living the Clark Kent look and no ablity to ride my motorcycle until after the surgery is done. The cost is quite a bit less than expected which is really nice though it won't be hard to find somewhere else to spend that cash. In fact, another important development is that we are nearing the close of the purchase of our first business. Nothing overly extravagant but it will be a nice start for us and I'll get more into it once the process has really gotten under way and I'm not counting unhatched chickens.

But for now, I get to feel smarter because of the glasses and it seems like there hasn't been a cloud in the sky since Saturday because I don't have any sunglasses that fit over the glasses, yet. I am going to be getting some granny covers soon or I'll go blind.

And we get our Escape back today after having to suffer with a Camry all weekend because they sent the wrong wheel bearing and the Escape's still in pieces at the shop. The Camry feels enormous when you're driving it, its a combination of the cockpit ergonomics and dashboard, it just makes the car feel about six feet longer than it is. Not a bad car at all, just feels bigger than it is.

Just a couple more days and then I can finally, finally throw away my glasses and contacts. I really cannot wait!
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