Some Sweetness to Offset the Vinegar

Aren't you done with that thing yet?
Graydon is mobile these days, really mobile. Between his high speed scuttle/crawl and his waddlin' toddlin' walking action, he is everywhere.

But the best thing is when he walks and flaps his little arms like a bird because he's so tickled to be walking. His joy is contagious and his smile is the best reward. It gets even better when he's walking, flapping and laughing because he's coming to his momma or poppa for some loving. Seeing that little toothy grin coming at me fills my heart with joy and deep love for him.

Now if we could only get him to stop treating Nande's chew toys like his own chew toys then we would be set. Oh yeah, we also need him to stop trying to eat her kibble and use her dog door too but we'll tackle one issue at a time. Nande is incredibly sweet with him though, won't even get upset with him if he takes her chew toy out of her mouth! She did get snappy with him twice before when he did it but she and I had a long talk and she's realized that he's too small for that. Her only defense against him is to either lick him until he gives up or get up move.
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