Seven Days Later, Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory

Nope, not the coming of the Lord (though I'm pretty appalled that Pope John Paul is going to be sainted) but the continued improvement and healing of my eyes since last week's LASIK.

I now see as well or better than I did before with the corrective lenses. Only now there are no corrective lenses anymore. My eyes are still tender to the touch and I have to be careful not to rub them.

I still use drops in the morning to sort of pre-lube my eyes and hope to avoid scratching my already tender cornea.

But truly, overall, I couldn't be happier with the procedure and would recommend it to anyone looking to ditch their glasses and contacts. But do some research on who you select to perform the surgery, all doctors are not created or trained equally. And really, are you interested in saving a few bucks and risking your eyesight? I didn't think so. Some things are okay to cut corners on and go for the least expensive option but eye surgery just seems like a really bad thing to add to that list.
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