One More Day to Install

Tomorrow is a big day at the Huh? house because we are finally, finally, finally getting the piece of shinola sliding glass door (in a lovely and extra expensive non-standard size thankyouverymuch builder-wankers) replaced.

We've had the new door in the garage since Monday and it is a substantial improvement over the bottom of the line aluminum hunk o' shit we've got now. We ended up going with the Jeld-Wen door because it fit our needs best and had a decent price before we found out we would have to have a custom one made for our offsize opening (again, damned building wankers and their corner cutting crap). Its got Low-E glass, opens and closes without having to grunt, has a screen built-in which will be nice as we are starting to get into mosquito season.

I can't even begin to convey how excited we are to almost have a functional sliding glass door again. One more day of the pain in the ass door and then a big day of installation and fun which, I'm sure, Nande will go absolutely berserk about. Hmm, maybe I should see if I can arrange a playday with her boyfriend tomorrow to save the installers' patience? Yeah, that's probably a good idea.

Anyway, another step along the house repair/upgrade process. Next up will be bathroom remodelling, a big retaining wall at the edge of the yard and a new deck. Whee!

And, along the same lines, I've got a consultation with an eye doctor to start the process of getting my eyes repaired so I can ditch the contacts and glasses finally. That will make a major improvement in my life!
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