Is It News When an Accused's Mother Says He's Innocent?

The missing girl story that just won't go away, Natalee Holloway's been missing for well more than 3 weeks now and the chances of her safe return diminish with each moment. I feel terrible for her family and her friends but I really wish they would keep to news instead of reporting every tiny mote of information coming out of Aruba.

For instance, the mother of one of the accused teens, the Dutch one, has gone on record as saying her son is innocent. Now, does she have some special insight into his whereabouts during the night when the girl went missing or is she just spouting the typical parental defense of "My child could never do that"? I'm leaning towards the latter.

Not helped by the arrest of her husband for some lies he told during the investigation either. Which, by the way, the arrest of the husband is news, it is moving forward. Maybe not in the right direction but its more reportable than a mother defending her child without any greater insight. I understand the sentiment but there isn't any news there.

I would be happy if they did find her safe and alive. I think that would be a great ending to this saga but I would also like some of this massive media attention spotlight to maybe be directed at some of the other missing persons cases that don't happen to involve a pretty white teenager from Alabama. Unattractive, older and persons of color people deserve to be found too.

As an aside, I have no idea what the hell is going on with the formatting right now. For some reason, Blogger's inserting about fifty page breaks between the tags and the comments. I'll work on it later on today but please just bear with it for now. Stupid Blogger.