GM's Employee Discount Marketing Campaign

I'd really like to get a couple of minutes with one of the advertising executives who came up with the Employee Discount Program for Everyone campaign. Why not just lower your prices across the board? Why would you give my an employee discount when I don't now and won't ever work for General Motors?

This campaign is stupid. Why would I be getting an employee discount? By what bizarre stretch of the mind would GM be giving me a discount based on my employment with them?

The only possible explanation I can come up with is that GM wants to try and incorporate everyone in America into their "family" so that people feel some strange obligation to buy a GM car instead of one from any of the rest of the car companies. But they went about it the wrong way. Why not call it the GM Welcome to the Family Plan? Why not call it the GM Here's a few thousand off our crappy cars Plan?

I wasn't planning on getting a GM anytime soon and this marketing campaign won't change that in anyway. I wouldn't mind one of those spaceship looking Cadillac's but I'm not dropping $60k on a car anytime soon even with my "employee discount". Somebody over there dropped the ball on this one. Find a better name for it and you might get some better traction, as it is, you're just confusing people.

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