Gentle Warfare

I haven't written about it but we've been at war with gophers for the last couple of months. Really, Nande's been chasing them and digging at their holes and that's been about the extent of our fight back. But that has all changed now, with the delivery of the Vibrasonic Molechaser! Oh yeah, this big aluminum shaft of drive-em-nuts vibration will send them packing. Sixteen inches of aluminum housing four "D" cell batteries and a little vibrating motor not unlike the rumblepack in a PS2 controller.

How does it work? Simple, it vibrates every 18 seconds. For about six months. It doesn't hurt the gophers or moles, it just makes them not want to hang out near the vibrations. Humane, easy and done. We'll see how the results are in a week to two weeks. Not like these nasty traps. Setting them, checking them and cleaning the bloody bodies out afterwards, no thanks. I'll just politely ask them to move along and go live in someone else's lawn.

Now if only they made one of these things for crabgrass.
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