Gaydar Off the Charts

Yankees Derek Jeter and Gary Sheffield embrace after they scored some runs in a baseball game against the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, one of the teams with the lowest payroll in the league, one sixth of the Yankees ridiculous $208 million payroll.

Nice work, boys. You beat the holy shit out of a team of guys you should be beating by a factor of 6 each time you play them. But you don't, having just lost another 3 of 4 games against them, and haven't, only winning three games in three series, and will very likely go down as the most underachieving bunch of All-Star studs ever. Which would be fine by me. Especially if they don't even make the playoffs behind the Orioles and the Red Sox in the American League East.

Go on, Shef, give ol' Jeet a big wet one right on the lips, it certainly looks like that's your intent as you look deeply and soulfully into his eyes while touching his butt. Not that there's anything wrong with it but don't you boys normally reserve that sort of thing for when the cameras aren't taking your picture?
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